What Advertisers Need To Know About OfferToro

What Advertisers Need To Know About OfferToro


Borehamwood, Hertford, United Kingdom.

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$150 for publishers 

Customer support

Yes via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



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Pros and Cons



One of the oldest CPA networks.

It doesn't approve all advertiser account applications! 

It prohibits the use of proxies and VPNs.

Limited customer support methods.

Fraud prevention tools.

Offers can be rejected.

Rewards for engagement model.


What Is OfferToro?


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OfferToro is a company that offers advertising and monetization solutions. It has a platform where advertisers and publishers connect to serve each other's needs.

A publisher is an app or site owner with good traffic and is looking for means to monetize it.

On the other hand, an advertiser has a budget to promote their products/services and increase sales. Through the OfferToro network, the advertisers create offers, and publishers provide dedicated advertising spaces within their apps and sites for such offers. That way, the advertisers can reach the publishers' users and determine if it's the right target audience for the brand.

The users also get rewarded for offers performed as instructed. This creates a win-win situation for all parties. Advertisers get ad engagement which helps meet their advertising goals, publishers generate revenue from their app/site traffic, and users get incentives to engage with the ads.

But are the results so great for advertisers? Below we'll cover everything advertisers should know about OfferToro to decide if it's the right platform to spend their advertising budgets.

Advertiser Account Registration on OfferToro

Advertiser Account Registration on OfferToro image

Before accessing the OfferToro tools, advertisers need to create an account on the OfferToro website. The initial step is very straightforward. Just fill out the registration form, which requires:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company name.

After submitting those details, OfferToro sends an email to the address provided during account creation. The email contains a brief form that the advertiser should fill up. OfferToro's team will assess the information provided to decide whether to approve the account or not. According to the form, the more information you give when describing your business, the easier it will be for OfferToro to process your account registration request.

OfferToro doesn't approve all advertiser accounts. The team must ensure the advertiser is not a spammer to protect the company's reputation and ensure the publishers' users engage with reputable brands. It can take up to 48 hours for OfferToro to deliver the final verdict.

Campaign Types on OfferToro

Advertisers prefer different offer types depending on their advertising goals, budgets, and other things. OfferToro provides various offer types for advertisers to choose from, including

  • Cost Per Action (CPA).
  • Cost-per-Install (CPI).
  • Cost Per Engagement (CPE).
  • Cost-Per-Sale (CPS).
  • Video ads.

OfferToro's Cost Per Action (CPA) Offers

When using cost-per-action offers on OfferToro, advertisers pay publishers a set amount of money for each specific type of action completed by the publisher's users. The advertiser determines what that action is and states it ahead of time, so users know what they are required to do.

OfferToro Cost-per-Install (CPI) Offers

Advertisers who want to acquire mobile app users can use this model. The advertiser will pay the publisher for every app installation done through the publisher app/site.

OfferToro Cost Per Engagement (CPE) Offers

When using the CPE type of offers, advertisers only pay for the offers if the users engage with the ad in a particular way. In other words, it's a reward for ad engagement. That way, the advertiser is guaranteed to see some results in exchange for the money spent on ads. For instance, if the advertiser wants to increase the number of views on a video, the results will be evident.

Advertisers should be clear on the specific action or engagement they want, for instance:

  • Muting or pausing a video.
  • Signing up for a free trial.
  • Filling up a survey.
  • Clicking through a website.
  • Playing a game to a certain level, etc.

OfferToro Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) Offer

Another offer type advertisers can use is Cost-Per-Sale (CPS). When using the CPS offer types, advertisers pay for any sales coming from the ads on a publisher's mobile app or site. It works well for tracking campaign effectiveness but may not always be the best approach. Users may purchase the items later after the campaign is over because of the product/service awareness they got when they saw the ad on the publisher's app. So, the model doesn't consider the awareness created.

OfferToro Video Ads

Advertisers can also utilize in-app video ads, which have a track record of high engagement and user acquisition. Video ads are usually effective in achieving campaign goals. When using video ads, there are many formats to choose from, for instance:

  • Interstitial ads: These are video ads (and sometimes static picture ads) that cover the entire screen space. Users can skip them by hitting the 'X' sign that's usually on the top right corner of the ad. With these ads, there's usually no waiting time involved. Users can close the ads immediately after the ad starts.
  • Rewarded videos: These are ads that are also viewed on full screen but users cannot skip or close them. They typically last 15 to 30 seconds. Users can either opt-in to get rewards for watching the videos on full screen and get rewarded or opt-out so they don't have to watch the ads.

OfferToro’s Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers

OfferToro offers a Self-Serve Platform for advertisers. From here, advertisers can:

  • Create new campaigns
  • Specify campaign details like timelines.
  • Manage advertising budget.
  • Optimize traffic.
  • Target specific markets.

The platform gives advertisers complete control over their advertising accounts. They can even decide the ad display locations and management of the same. Because the advertisers can choose a specific target market, the conversion rates are likely to be higher. The advertiser is in control here.

Ways OfferToro Can Allow You To Engage When Using CPE

Here are some of the ways advertisers can engage with users on the OfferToro network when using CPE offers:

  • Surveys: Users engage by filling out the questions provided, mostly aimed at gaining insights into users perspective of a topic or brand.
  • Games: These types of interactions usually require users to play a game up to a certain level or for a specified amount of time.
  • Banner rollout: With these types of offers, users click the banner to visit a landing page.
  • Comment: Users leave a comment while observing the quality and quantity requirements on the advertiser's landing page.
  • Share: Users have to share whatever the advertiser needs, such as a social media post.

OfferToro Rewarded Ads

With rewarded ads, it's a win-win situation. The advertiser's ad gets the user's full attention. This may even increase the chances of the user's interest in the advertiser's products/services hence customer acquisition. On the other hand, publishers make money and users get the promised rewards.

OfferToro Performance-Based Platform

OfferToro provides a performance-based platform. Advertisers pay based on results with all the offer methods (CPA, CPI, CPE, CPS) available at OfferToro.  

Advertisers only pay for users who complete the specified action, for instance, watching a video, downloading a mobile app, or any other activity the advertisers consider to be a conversion. For advertisers, this is all good news, as it leads to a high ROI. It's important for advertisers to have clear instructions on what they need users to do.

OfferToro Offerwall

The OfferToro offerwall is a dedicated space within an app or site where multiple offers are listed. This is where some of the advertisers' offers are listed when working with OfferToro. The offerwall provides an easy way for publishers to advertise many products/services to monetize their apps, without making the app clumsy.

OfferToro Anti Fraud Tools

There's no doubt the internet is filled with fraudsters and spammers. So are the users interacting with advertisers' ads on OfferToro real? OfferToro uses a combination of anti-fraud tools and techniques to protect the interests of its advertisers. This way, advertisers are assured they get genuine interactions, high-quality traffic, and any other desired result.

OfferToro promptly blocks users engaging in fraud when completing offers on the platform. The company also provides publishers with access to user information. Such information is helpful and publishers use it to block any fraudulent users on their apps or sites. It's also in the interest of publishers to avoid fraudulent users on their apps because they lead to painful chargebacks. Spam traffic can also result in publisher account termination without compensation.

OfferToro Advertisers’ Offers

Once an advertiser account is approved on OfferToro, advertisers can start making offers. But, there's no guarantee that the offer will be accepted. OfferToro doesn't accept all advertiser offers.

Any offer posted is thoroughly vetted to avoid spammy offers. It is a very important step because it reassures publishers that their app or site users are interacting with real and reputable brands. It also helps in building the reputation of the company.

OfferToro Customer Support

OfferToro provides customer support services to its publishers, advertisers, and users through email. In case of any issues, contact OfferToro's support team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Compared to other offerwall companies, the methods to contact OfferToro customer support are limited.

OfferToro on VPN Use

OfferToro doesn't allow the use of proxy servers or VPNs on its platform, especially by users and publishers. In fact, most offerwall companies forbid the use of proxies. If a user uses a VPN or proxy to complete the offers, such offers are usually not credited. In the end, it's a waste of time for users and continued use of such tools can lead to the user getting permanently banned from the platform.

Final Thoughts on OfferToro for Advertisers

Advertisers are a great asset to the OfferToro network. It's no wonder OfferToro makes the experience friendly and convenient for them. Advertisers are in full control via OfferToro's self-served platform. They set their own budgets, determine ad locations, create new campaigns, choose the target audience, and more without working with an OfferToro representative.

OfferToro also provides a set of fraud prevention tools to ensure advertisers only get high-quality traffic and real interactions.

With the performance-based type of offers, advertisers only pay users who complete the actions required by the advertisers. This means the returns on investment are usually high for advertisers when using this platform.

From the individual advertiser reviews and the company's website, the chargebacks on advertisers' accounts are usually rare.

Does OfferToro accept all advertiser accounts registration?

No. OfferToro doesn't accept all advertiser account registrations. The company has a duty to ensure the users who are engaging with the offers on the platform only interact with authentic brands.

If all advertiser accounts are accepted, there may be room for scammers and frauds. Having a scam on OfferToro's offerwall can also damage the company's reputation.

How can I get my advertiser account approved quickly on OfferToro?

OfferToro doesn't provide eligibility requirements that can help anyone know why accounts are rejected during registration or why it takes 48 hours to get the verdict. So, there are no hacks to help you get your advertiser account approved quickly on OfferToro.

However, it's important for advertisers to describe their business in the best way possible when completing the registration form. The more information you give, the easier it will be for the team to determine if your business is a good fit for the platform and hence approve your account.

When was OfferToro founded?

OfferToro was founded in 2012, with its headquarters based in Borehamwood, Hertford, United Kingdom.

How does OfferToro ensure high-quality traffic and conversions?

OfferToro ensures high-quality traffic and conversions by leaving no room for fraudulent users and scammers. It has anti-fraud tools and promptly blocks any users who commit fraud on the platform.

OfferToro publishers are held accountable for any fraud activities within their apps. Publishers have access to users' information and user blocking features on the publishers' dashboard. Publishers who don't take anti-fraud measures seriously can have their accounts permanently terminated without notice and without payments of pending earnings.

Do advertisers get chargebacks on OfferToro?

Yes. Advertisers do get chargebacks on OfferToro. While OfferToro boasts of low chargeback rates for both advertisers and publishers, reversals aren't completely inevitable. But, publishers experience more chargebacks than advertisers on the platform. Remember, chargebacks can delay appearing on an account for up to two months.

What does a performance-based platform mean for advertisers?

A performance-based platform means that advertisers only pay for users who have completed the required action. Clicking through an offer is not enough. Users must follow the instructions and take the action required. The strategy works well for advertisers because they can see the results in exchange for the money spent on the ads.

Users on the other hand know exactly what to do. Those who don't follow the guidelines usually complain about completing the tasks and not getting paid for them.

What are OfferToro Rewarded ads?

OfferToro Rewarded ads are offers that users are paid to engage with. They are different from the invasive ads people encounter daily on different platforms. With rewarded ads, users can choose when to interact with the ads and how long. This means that the ads get the full attention of the users which is necessary for driving high-quality conversions.

What is OfferToro?

OfferToro is a company that connects advertisers, publishers, and users. The goal? To help publishers monetize their traffic, help advertisers market their brands and get high-quality conversions, and reward users for completing different offers.

Is OfferToro good for advertisers?

Yes, OfferToro is good for advertisers. It provides the tools they need to accomplish their marketing goals. First, with over 10k publishers on the OfferToro network, there is no shortage of users to engage with brands. Second, OfferToro provides advertisers with a self-serve platform where they control everything, including ad placement locations, campaign timelines, and campaign budgets. Third, OfferToro utilizes fraud protection tools and techniques to block all fraudsters. This ensures advertisers get high-quality traffic and conversions.

What are the requirements for creating an advertiser account on OfferToro?

There are no special eligibility requirements, but you need to have a business and a business website to create an advertiser account on OfferToro. The platform accepts registrations from most parts of the globe, and no age requirements are listed either.

What happens in the case of fraudulent users in a publisher's account?

According to OfferToro, publishers are responsible for keeping their apps and sites free of scammers and frauds.

In case of continuous abuse of the OfferToro platform through a publisher's app or site, OfferToro can ban the publisher account permanently without paying any earnings owed.

What are OfferToro video ads?

OfferToro video ads are simply ads that have a video component. Advertisers can utilize different video ad formats based on what works for their brands and advertising goals. Video ads usually have a higher engagement and conversion rate than other forms of ads.

Does OfferToro offer customer support for advertisers?

Yes, OfferToro provides customer support services to advertisers, publishers, and users. Unfortunately, OfferToro provides limited ways of contacting the support team. You can only reach them via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is OfferToro's offerwall?

OfferToro's offerwall is the reserved space inside apps where offers are listed. It is the primary monetization tool for OfferToro. Most mobile developers rely on offerwalls to monetize their apps. OfferToro provides both mobile and desktop-based offerwalls.

Other monetization tools for OfferToro include

  • Interstitial ads
  • Rewarded videos
  • Surveys
  • API
  • Standalone offers.

What is an OfferToro advertisers account?

An OfferToro advertiser account is meant for people who have brands, services, or products to advertise.

Does OfferToro accept all advertiser offers to its offerwall?

No, OfferToro doesn't accept all advertiser offers to its offerwall. OfferToro scrutinizes the offers to ensure no scams are listed and that users only engage with legitimate brands. After all, the company has a reputation to protect too.

How can I contact OfferToro?

You can contact OfferToro by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Is OfferToro a scam, or is it a legit advertising platform?

OfferToro is a legit monetization and advertising platform, and OfferToro is not a scam. The company has worked in the ad and monetization field since 2012 and is still growing. It provides legit tools and pays to publishers on time.

What types of accounts are available on OfferToro?

Here are the types of accounts you'll find on OfferToro:

  1. Advertisers' accounts are designed for anyone, especially business owners who are looking for ways to advertise their brand, products, or services
  2. Publishers account for app and site owners who have massive traffic and want to make money off of it while rewarding their users.
  3. User accounts are designed for people who want to make money online by completing different tasks. A user's account can only be created and accessed using a publisher's app or site.

Can OfferToro terminate your advertiser account?

Yes, OfferToro can terminate your advertiser account if the account is involved in scamming people or poses a risk to other users of the OfferToro network.

How long will OfferToro take to review my advertiser application?

Once you sign up, check your email and complete the brief form sent to your email. Once you submit it, the OfferToro team can take up to 48 hours to either approve or reject your application.

How do I Get Started With OfferToro as an advertiser?

Getting started with OfferToro as an advertiser is simple. OfferToro doesn't provide strict eligibility requirements upfront. Instead, head over to the company's website, click the "Register" button, then choose 'I am an advertiser.' After that, you should fill out the form details.