Trading Solutions are Provided by to the Financial Sector

Nobody is better than Crystals Capitals at offering thorough and full answers. It collaborates with knowledgeable investors who trade assets from all around the world. In addition, Crystals Capitals leads the industry in offering end-to-end solutions. The traders in question can only rely on Crystals Capitals as their sole source of these services because it is the only business that can offer the full range of services they need. Crystals Capital offers a choice of account, execution, and trading options to accommodate the particular requirements of each client. As a result, Crystals Capitals is better able to satisfy the various needs of its clientele. Just browsing the business's website will provide you access to its offerings.

Crystals Capitals objective

All of the trading products and services you provide to your clients should have direct access to all U.S. equity and options markets. This is a crucial component of your offer, so make sure you mention it. This should be the case for other significant resources and markets located in various parts of the world. Cross-border execution, clearing, and custody services are creative and affordably priced and can be provided in various places depending on the requirements of each client. These fixes can be applied in a variety of countries. Each customer's specific needs are taken into account when providing these services.

Crystals Capitals PROCESS

A varied range of services must be provided to a diverse selection of consumers while sticking to a conflict-free and agency-only business model to maintain a sizable client base and provide them with great service. significant partnerships in their respective industries with leading software companies, exchange members, and large investment firms

Those who are eager to put in long hours and are fluent in multiple languages make up the majority of those who are hired. Support personnel makes up the bulk of this group.

The Putting Away and Taking Out of Money

Any one of the following methods can be used to put the balance of your account back where it was:

Buying purchases with a debit card and paying with a credit card

Regardless of the method utilized to replenish the trading account's balance on the platform, the amount that is credited to the account will always be in US dollars. Even if a different currency is used to replenish the trading account balance, this rule still holds. You are not required to move only dollars from one account to another, even though you are opening currency accounts as a direct result of this. Any currency can be transferred freely across your accounts. Anytime more money is transferred to the account, a real-time currency conversion is carried out, causing the funds to be instantly translated into the platform's local currency. While the rate will be determined by the financial services provider you select, please note that Crystals Capitals will not alter the conversion's parameters in any manner, shape, or form.

Regardless of the payment method or currency used to fund the account, Crystals Capital will not impose any fees when funding an existing trading account. All payment methods and currencies are covered by this policy.

Crystals Capitals guarantee that none of our financial dealings will be done dishonestly

Publicity! Crystals Capital does not accept payments from suspect or unverified sources because doing so would be against the company's obligations to follow KYC and AML regulations. This decision was made because doing otherwise would violate the provisions of both sets of regulations. The account holder's details provided at the time of payment must coincide with those provided at account creation for the payment to be processed. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information submitted to the business.

The first introductory segment of Crystals Capitals

The Crystals Capitals (hence, the Company) must first collect and store the Trader's information before granting access to the trading platform. This needs to be done to meet the requirements set by the government. The protection of clients' privacy during the trading process is one of Crystals Capitals' top priorities.

The Trader's relationship with the Company is governed by this Privacy Policy as well as the other Terms and Agreements listed below. A customer implicitly accepts all of the conditions outlined in this Policy when he registers for the Company's trading platform.

The company has no control over the content of external websites that may be accessed through links and adverts displayed on its site, therefore please be aware that this policy only applies to websites and platforms that are under Crystals Capitals' jurisdiction. We're glad you took notice of this important detail.

Using Information That Might Be Used to Identify Someone Personally

The primary goal of the Company's usage of the personally identifying data provided by the Customer is to stop fraud. As a direct result of the data gathered, a review of the trading account is currently being done. Moreover, it can be applied to market manipulation through the use of a trading account (for instance, money withdrawal). The Company may, in its sole discretion, offer the Clients additional goods and services based on the personal data acquired, as well as the chance to take part in Company-sponsored competitions. This right has been reserved by the Company. Although it is not needed, the Company maintains the right to do so to improve the caliber of its services. The Company is not required to use the Client's personal information to carry out surveys and assess the quality of the Company's services.

Crystals Capitals Guidelines for Refunds

  1. You may close your account and get a full refund by following the procedures below if, for any reason, you are unhappy with the trading platform supplied by the company or the services it provides to you. You will not be eligible for this option if you are satisfied with the trading platform provided by the Company. You have the right to terminate your subscription at any time under the conditions of the Cancellation Clause, which are detailed below.
  2. A written refund request must be sent to the vendor, together with the customer's contact information and the explanation for the return. Before the customer may receive a refund, this step is required. The buyer must also include in their refund request the precise dollar amount they wish to be returned.
  3. The client is entitled to a full refund within ten business days of the day the company takes the final decision to compensate the client if the company determines that the contractor was at fault for the failure to supply services or for providing services of low quality. Also, the buyer has the right to a full refund within ten business days of the day the firm accepts the decision to pay the buyer back. A client has the right to a complete refund starting from the day the business decides to send them back.
  4. The same payment method that was used to finance the customer's account must be used to process refunds for customers.
  5. If the Company chooses to refund the Client's deposit in full, the payback must be completed within ten (10) business days of the date the Company makes its final decision. This holds true even if the Business decides to reimburse the customer for a smaller sum. The customer is not required to insist on receiving a complete refund if the business chooses not to pay the client for the entire amount.
  6. If you request a refund for either of your trading accounts, your account, or your deposit, you will immediately lose access to all three.
  7. Before it can start processing a refund, the Company may, in its sole discretion, request that you supply one or more of the documents indicated in the Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy.
  8. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but please be advised that it may take our customer service representatives up to 48 hours to look into your request. Our customer service representatives will get in touch with you to let you know that they have received your request and, if necessary, to find out if any more information is needed.