Top 10 Best aviation Blogs

Top 10 Best aviation Blogs

Since the inception of the internet, aviation blogs have been increasing. Many have as well gone, but many more have started and become the best aviation blogs in the history of the internet.  This article explains the ten best aviation blogs to sharpen your industry knowledge.


Since a good pilot never stops learning, the Isitfly blog aims at equipping pilots with continuous news that keeps them learning. The posts made by other pilots on the platform comprise practical advice to people seeking to become pilots and those who already are pilots.

Most posts made by experienced pilots make the best posts recommended for any pilot looking forward to becoming the best in the field. Having said that, sharing views on an issue about pilots as an eye-opener has become one of the outstanding features of This sharing of thoughts creates an interaction between pilots with similar interests, enabling an open debate and ideas decoding. Isitfly has attracted a sizable audience due to the devoted and calculative content shared in the blog that impacts its audience with the effective promotion of businesses.

The connections in the information offered by is business-critical and opportunities-driven information with predictive intelligence. Sometimes, decision-making can be hard, following many options with similarities that resonate with your needs. is an assistance platform from which aviation knowledge is available for anyone facing the challenge of decision-making worldwide.

In most unlikely occurrences, not all owners of blogs have knowledge of their blogs and the content they are making. Isitfly’s owner has a wealth of aviation knowledge and various challenges faced in the industry, making it an outstanding aviation blog with depth and breadth of coverage.

In the measure of information density, is the most recommended aviation blog. This adds to the comprehensive coverage it offers in the globalized world of aviation and its expertise in aviation insights. The blog has attained prominence globally as the most popular aviation blog on the planet due to its specific real-time news and insightful posts that are found first in this blog before other blogs can have the information. In the recent escalating misinformation era, posts the most recent statistics and news about airports, airlines, and aviation and the contemporary in-depth analysis of the aviation sector from research worldwide.    


  1. Disciples of Flight

Would it not a crucial if active pilots take their time in writing about aviation? Well, with the Disciples of flight blog, readers are advantaged. This website was built by enthusiasts of aviation and aviation veterans Bryan Stewart and Hoddenbach. The two are to create a platform for ground crew and pilots, and anyone interested in aviation can contribute to the topics. This blog platform creates content so readers interested in the industry they love can get helpful information.

Due to the love of this industry, this blog brings new members to the team, following the content based on experienced and veterans in aviation. Most of these new members of the teams have varied and distinct backgrounds in the field of aviation, leading to creating truly breathtaking articles. 

  1. International Aviation HQ

Sometimes it is generally scowled upon to have your site listed in a list such as this, but we cannot resist. International Aviation HQ aims to be where people and enthusiasts can get their aviation questions answered critically. The blog places itself as a platform for future aviators where they will discover more stories about the industry and aviation passion. This blog frequently posts articles related to post-history and aircraft digests, among other aviator-related articles.

  1. Sam Chui

Sam Chui is a well-established website, and its owner Sam Chui is a traveler, aviation enthusiast, and YouTuber. This blog is a place where future aviators are found. The bog creates content that is unique in a manner that shows reporting on travel and aviation news which attracts many followers.

The videos posted in this blog are specific about what is driven forward. In extension to this site, there is a deep passion for the aviation industry demonstrated by the emotions accompanied by articles and videos. For example, a video title is derived carefully to drive the feelings expected towards the content posted.

  1. Aviation24 . be

The blog is Belgian and posts aviation news to inform its followers or aviators about what the country is doing in the industry. This blog creates content solely focused on three categories; manufacturers, airlines, and airports. does this by making it a medium where everyone can read and create their account to receive the latest press releases. This blog has existed since 2003 and has also hosted forums that make it one of the most aggressive blogs on the internet.

  1. Flight Global

Flight Global frequently appears in the lists of best aviation blogs because of the great news it offers its audience. Flight Global is almost like, a news site aiming to cover the aerospace and aviation industries.

Thus, unlike many other aviation blogs, it has a unique way of reporting on commercial and military aviation matters. Flight Global published news, especially those surrounding space travel, such as Virgin Galactic and SpaceX. 

  1. Runway Girl Network

This site posts articles and videos about flying safety and air politics, among other content. The site is owned by Mary Kirby, a woman who acts as the voice of women in an industry dominated by men. RGN covers everything in aviation, from private to commercial aviation.

  1. Flight Deck Friend

Aviation blogs are made mainly by pilots and intended for pilots in practice and future aviators. As the name suggests, the blog posts' content is aimed to help student pilots or those who aspire to be pilots

  1. AeroTime


AeroTime blog is the 21st century's most progressive reporting major aviation events focused on Europe and North America regions. It is dedicated to the business of aviation. Most content covers major aviation acquisitions and mergers with business information about manufacturers and airlines.

  1. NYC Aviation

NYC aviation blog was initially meant for publishing plane spots, but today it features posts that are well renowned for aviation photography. Aviation fans often write some of the few articles posted.