ToolsTrades Trading Signals Review - Recommended by Investing Chef

ToolsTrades Signals Review - Recommended by Investing Chef

We are in investing chef trying to provide the most accurate information in very chaotic market called trading market.




One of the services that we have reviews called; This one of the most unbelievable Trading Signals Services we have ever encounter, and with this intro we decided to write a review about this product:


The reason of this review, not every day you find a trading service that provide an amazing service without charging.


We asked them: How can you provide a service without making money?

Apparently their financial model is from advertisement, they work the same as facebook provide every one of us use facebook for free and advertisers pay them.



Lets start from the creation of their service they claimed that they where established on: 2012-2013 nevertheless the records show:

ToolsTrades date


ToolsTrades date


Created on 2017-09-28 and not -2012-2013 – We asked their live chat and this is their answer:

The domain was updated due to regulatory rules that was entered since 2017 and it is correct, financial market was updated by Regulatory Restrictions and the trading market became very safe to trade around the world with big Parties entering the Regulation:

SYSEC, FCA, ASIC, FSA, CIMA, CBR and many others.


If trading is new for you, This regulatory names is making your trading safe.



We have checked ToolsTrades Signals Service for several month, we have spoken with a lot of their agents, several with whom we spoke are professional and you can hear and see that it is not theirs first day on the market.


They are a large team scattered around the world from our understanding, they have teams providing almost 12 hours a day customer service.

12 different agents

We have spoken with at least 12 different members of their team and each and everyone of them was very professional and answered every question that we had and quite quickly.