Enduring Markets Review: Is Your Money Safe?

Enduring Markets Review: Is Your Money Safe?

Regulation and License



London, United Kingdom

The founding year


Leverage range


Minimum deposit



Enduring Markets web terminal

Tradable Instruments

Stocks, forex, CFDs, commodities, indices, cannabis

Demo account


Base Currencies


Customer support

Yes (English)

Active clients


Publicly traded






Pros and Cons of Enduring Markets



Web-based trading platform requiring no installation

Doesn't offer Islamic and demo accounts

Offers bonuses and promotions

Lacks free educational content

Provides a wide variety of trading instruments including crypto

Doesn't provide transparent average trading and non-trading fees

Seven types of live accounts

Unlicensed broker

Industry-standard initial minimum deposit

Doesn't specify the leverage ratios

Enduring Markets Overview

Enduring Markets Overview

Enduring Markets is a forex and CFD broker with offices in both London, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. However, the broker accepts clients from all over the world. As of 2022, Enduring Markets is not regulated by any top-tier regulatory authority in any country, meaning traders must do their own diligence to ensure they can trust the broker before depositing their hard-earned money. That's where our Enduring Markets review comes in handy.

It's worth noting that there are unlicensed offshore brokers that offer great services and particular advantages like higher leverage regardless of the client's region. Enduring Markets provides a good selection of CFDs across the major financial markets. There are more than 50 currency pairs to choose from, with a mix of exotic, major, and minor pairs. Clients can also trade crypto, commodities, indices, and ETFs.

When it comes to the trading platform, Enduring Markets offers its own web-based trading platform. Unfortunately, there are no desktop and mobile versions of the trading platform. Also, there's no other trading platform to choose from at this time, for instance, MT4 or MT5. The broker offers seven types of trading accounts. The accounts available from Enduring Markets are funded with bank transfers, crypto transfers, debit/credit cards, and prepaid cards.

Read our comprehensive Enduring Markets review to understand if your money is safe with the broker.

Enduring Markets Safety Review: Is Your Money Safe?

It's unclear whether Enduring Markets is legally registered in any country because the broker's website doesn't mention it. One clear thing, though, is that there's no regulatory authority worldwide licensing the broker. In short, no government or independent authority is holding the broker accountable in its effort to offer financial services.

Enduring Markets offers two registration addresses.

  • 160 Victoria Street, London SW1 5LB the United Kingdom
  • Marina One East Tower, 7 Straits View, Singapore 018936, Singapore

The broker doesn't mention the segregation of clients' and corporate funds. When brokers segregate funds, they keep clients and corporate funds in separate bank accounts. This guarantees clients that in the unfortunate event that the broker becomes insolvent, clients can still get their deposited money back.

Like most brokers, Enduring Markets doesn't share the company's financial position information on its website. Such information helps traders assess whether it's a good time to join the company.

Risk disclaimer: Forex and CFD trading exposes traders to a higher level of risks as well as profits. Having sufficient trading knowledge, experience, and understanding of potential risks is paramount to getting started.

Enduring Markets Fees

Enduring Markets Fees image

Our review of Enduring Markets didn't discover any inactivity fees. Brokers normally charge a fixed amount if the account remains dormant for a certain period. Since it's not mentioned, it's fair to say the broker doesn't charge dormant fees, which is a plus for traders who might take a break from trading and resume a few months later. The broker, however, charges a fixed commission on withdrawals. Enduring Markets doesn't specify the amount, which makes it difficult to compare to the industry's average. On the brighter side, there are no deposit fees.

Enduring Markets Spread Overview

Enduring Markets Spread Overview image

Again, Enduring Markets doesn't offer a clear fee schedule for average spreads. However, it's not surprising as most brokers are not straightforward with their trading fees. When writing this Enduring Markets review, the average spread for most products, including the popular currency pair EUR/USD, was floating around €0.01 pips. That's quite fair compared to the industry's average. The table below shows a summary of the average Enduring Markets swap rates.


Pips Value (Spread)

Required Margin

Major currency pair GBP/USD

€ 0.1

€ 1,140

Commodities, wheat

€ 0.01

 € 841.27

Stocks, LYFT

€ 0.01

€ 16.99

Indices, NASDAQ

€ 0.01

€ 11,857.13

Crypto, BTC/USD

€ 0.01

€ 19,968


€ 0.01

€ 155.82

Enduring Markets Swap Rates

According to the Enduring Markets terms and conditions document, traders should expect a fixed-rate swap fee for positions held open after the end of a trading session. However, there are no figures associated with the fixed rate fee.

Enduring Markets Deposit and Withdrawal

Enduring Markets doesn't charge any commissions on deposits but a fixed rate fee on withdrawals. Deposits are nearly instantaneous, but withdrawals can take up to five business days. To ensure faster withdrawal processing, clients should verify their accounts as required and withdraw to accounts bearing their names.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Enduring Markets clients can deposit and withdraw funds via the following payment methods.

  • Debit/credit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Crypto transfers

Minimum and Maximum Deposit, and Withdrawal

The minimum initial deposit requirements, increase gradually based on the trading account a client wants to sign up with, starting with $200 for the standard account to $250,000 for the VIP account. The broker doesn't specify the minimum or maximum withdrawal limits.

Enduring Markets Tradable Markets and Products

Enduring Markets offers the following underlying assets to its clients for trading.

  • 50+ currency pairs
  • 90+ crypto pairs
  • 19 indices
  • 17 commodities
  • 12 ETFs
  • 30+ individual stocks
  • 9 Cannabis

Enduring Markets Leverage Offered

Enduring Markets offers leverage to all clients regardless of the account type they sign up with. However, the level of leverage varies by account. For instance, the silver account holders have access to silver leverage. Unfortunately, the broker doesn't provide leverage ratios but vague terms like pro, silver, or gold leverage.


Leverage risk disclaimer: Leverage trading increases the potential for both profits and losses depending on the trade's direction. Thus, margin trading is not suitable for all traders.

Enduring Markets Trading Platforms and Tools

Enduring_Markets_Trading_Platforms_and_Tools image

Most brokers opt to go with the proven and popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, which comes with web, desktop, and mobile versions. Enduring Markets offers its own web-based trading platform. The broker doesn't provide desktop and mobile versions of the trading platform.

The trading platform has a friendly user interface and basic trading features.

Enduring Markets Account Types

Enduring Markets offers seven types of live trading accounts with different features. The features increase gradually as the minimum deposit increases. Enduring Markets doesn't provide a demo account for novice and seasoned traders to test the platform. There's also no Islamic account that allows members of the Muslim faith to comply with the Sharia law. Below is a detailed look at what each account offers.

Standard Account

  • Standard leverage
  • Platform presentation
  • Personal account assistant

Bronze Account

  • Bonus
  • Bronze leverage
  • 1 Insured trade
  • Personal financial assistant
  • Educational course (beginner level)

Silver Account

  • Bonus
  • Silver leverage
  • 4 insured trades
  • Personal financial assistant
  • Educational course (standard level)
  • Investment strategy (financial plan included)
  • Company financing

Gold Account

  • Bonus
  • Gold leverage
  • 8 insured trades
  • Senior financial assistant
  • Educational course (advanced level)
  • Investment strategy (financial plan included)
  • Company financing

Platinum Account

  • Trading signals
  • Platinum leverage
  • Order notifications
  • 16 risk insured trades
  • Senior financial assistant
  • Premium contracts (pre-order)
  • Mutual investment programs access
  • Economic events & current trend updates
  • Advanced investment strategy (financial plan included)
  • Company financing (advanced)

Pro Account

  • Premium bonus
  • Pro leverage
  • Premium customer care
  • Personal order notifications
  • Daily trading signals updates
  • Exclusive programs (reservation)
  • Mutual investment programs access
  • Economic events & current trend updates
  • Premium investment strategy (financial plan included)
  • Company financing (premium)

VIP Account

This is the only account whose features are not clearly listed. It's the most selected account type reserved for specific people. Anyone enquiring about the account can reach the broker's customer service team via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Enduring Markets Account Registration

Enduring Markets Account Registration image

Enduring Markets has only two requirements for opening an account. Agreeing with the terms and conditions and being at least 18 years. Anyone who fulfills these requirements can open a trading account with the broker using the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the official Enduring Markets website.
  2. Click the 'Open account' button
  3. Enter the details in the registration form fields. (Names, email, phone number, country, and password)
  4. Hit "Sign Up"
  5. Login and submit the verification documents.

Enduring Markets Customer Support

As far as customer service goes, Enduring Markets has offered only one way of reaching its support team. Only an Email address is available under the contact us section of the broker's website: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The main customer support language of communication is English.

Research Tools Offered by Enduring Markets

In terms of research tools, Enduring Markets doesn't have a portion of its website dedicated to free resources for its traders. Instead, traders can only access economic events and current trends updates if they sign up with particular accounts: pro, platinum, and VIP.

Educational Tools Offered by Enduring Markets

When it comes to educational tools, traders expect a large library of various content types (videos, e-books, webinars, blog posts, analysis, tutorials, etc.) of virtually everything related to trading. However, this is not the case with Enduring Markets. The only free educational content available on the broker's website is a glossary of 13 common terms and technical and fundamental analysis explanations.

The broker offers educational courses based on the account type meaning these materials are only available to those who sign up.

Enduring Markets Review Final Thoughts

Enduring Markets is a forex and CFD broker with physical offices in London and Singapore. Some of the distinctive features of this broker include a quick registration and verification process, financial plans, trading signals, financial assistants, and minimal non-trading fees.

Some of the downsides of Enduring Markets include lack of a demo account, lack of detailed information like fee structures, lack of a license, and failure to offer mobile and desktop versions of the trading platform.

Enduring Markets FAQs

Which account verification documents does Enduring Markets require?

After filling out the fields of the registration form, Enduring Markets requires the following verification documents.

  • ID card/passport/driving license
  • Utility bill or similar document not older than three months
  • Copies of credit/debit cards if using these cards for transactions.

Can you open an Enduring Markets account from anywhere in the world?

Yes. Enduring Markets offers its financial services worldwide.

What is the physical address for Enduring Markets?

Enduring Markets has offices at two addresses.

  • 160 Victoria Street, London SW1 5LB the United Kingdom
  • Marina One East Tower, 7 Straits View, Singapore 018936, Singapore.

What is the minimum deposit at Enduring Markets?

The minimum deposit for Enduring Markets clients depends on the account type. It's typically $200 for the standard account.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Enduring Markets?

Enduring Markets processes withdrawals within one to five business days. Clients must verify their accounts before making withdrawal requests and withdraw to accounts bearing their names. If the withdrawal processing takes more than five business days, the broker notifies the client via email or phone.

Does Enduring Markets offer negative balance protection?

No. In our review of Enduring Markets, we didn't find anything related to negative balance protection, meaning it's not provided.

Who licenses Enduring Markets?

As of 2022, Enduring Markets is an unlicensed and unregulated broker. There's no regulatory body dedicated to holding the broker accountable.

How can I withdraw funds from Enduring Markets?

You can withdraw your funds from Enduring Markets via the following payment methods.

  • Debit/prepaid/debit cards
  • Crypto transfer
Bank transfer