Definite Area - Broaden the Horizon of Fortune

Definite Area - Broaden the Horizon of Fortune

Online investments and trading have successfully created hype in the modern world. Millenials’ yearning to take control and resilience have boomed trading websites to a whole new level. This upsurge has led to the accessibility of numerous trading websites ranging from Stocks to cryptocurrencies. Today there are thousands of websites acting upon multi-assets.

Though online trading is a great way of earning quick and easy money, the most important aspect before onboarding any trading website is its authenticity and reliability. The easiest way to execute that is through research and analysis.

Definite Area - Synopsis

This article contains our review of one of the trading websites titled which will be helpful for your analysis. Definite Area is a broking website that deals in Forex, Cryptocurrency, and CFDs. Clients are provided access to the international financial market on this platform. Clients can trade in an array of financial instruments to grow their profits, such as stocks, indices, currencies, forex, EFTs, cannabis, commodities, and crypto.

Definite Area creates an optimal investment portfolio for each client, these segregated accounts keep the client’s fund separate from the company’s fund. This feature helps build the reliability necessary for any investment.

Definite Area maintains the full confidentiality of its clients with the use of Secure Socket Layer technology that protects clients’ transaction history and personal data with the highest level of security. This platform prioritizes its clients by assigning a personal manager via email, phone, and live chat to provide instant answers to their queries.

Trading Platforms & Tools

The trading experience of the client enhances as the platform is completely web-based. The client does not have to either download or install any application. It is a handy website for both experienced and new traders trying their luck.

The trading tools like trading signals, prices, and charts make the experience simple and apt.


  • The company may charge its customers with commissions while conducting a transaction if agreed and otherwise agreed by both parties. As the bank charges are subject to continuous change, for detailed information, clients may contact the Customer Service Department.
  • When the company transfers money from the Trading Account to the client, a processing fee is further assessed.
  • The company also reserves the right to advise the client of any periodic changes to commission rates and percentages.
  • This gives the company’s commission the right to periodically change the amount and percentage of its commission charges, informing the client in the process. 

Deposits & Withdrawals

Definite Area provides a safe and secure experience for traders to maximize their profit.

Following are the procedures to fund your account:

  • Start at the home page
  • In case you already have an account in the system, click “Login” or “Open Account”.
  • Select “Deposit” from the menu to access the deposit area.
  • From the options, select the best payment option for you. To choose what’s best for you, you can discuss it with the specialist of the Definite Area.
  • Complete every necessary field.
  • The system will immediately lead you to the page that confirms your payment.
  • You will be informed of the transaction status once the payment has been approved.
  • The “Amount Selection” section lists the minimum deposit amount for the client. 

The following process needs to be followed for the withdrawal of money from the personal account:

  • Visit the Definite Area website and log in to your account.
  • Select the "Withdraw Funds" button in your account.
  • Fill up the Amount field with a number.
  • Complete all of the form's fields.
  • Validate the transaction.

The client is eligible to send a request for withdrawal of funds at any moment. Each withdrawal request is reviewed by the management for security reasons before being sent by the client, who may then monitor the status of the request in his or her account. The transaction will be processed and completed within 1 to 7 banking days. The client is notified of any delay in payment.

Investment Plans

Definite Area has majorly introduced 6 Investment plans for its customers:

  • Training for beginners

This training course provides theoretical and practical classes that deliver the necessary skills and knowledge for clients to perform independent trading, and generate a stable trading income.

  • Secondary Income Plan

This plan helps generate excess income by arranging a capital income source.

  • Retirement plan

This plan includes financial strategies like training, and income redistribution by creating permanent secondary income for the clients.

  • Family Plan

This plan provides a personal manager to the clients’ families who helps manifest the increase in profit growth with every investment.

  • Holiday Plan

This plan works wonders to achieve material goals such as vacation for the family by an automatic deduction from the client’s escrow account.

  • VIP Plan

As the name suggests, this plan enables the clients to enlist themselves in a closed community with access to tracking the strategies of the best traders.

For details visit

Account Types

The following are the Account Types offered by Definite Area:

  • Standard
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Pro
  • VIP

For VIP account creation customers can contact financial experts of Definite Area for more information on VIP account creation.

Details of all account types

Standard Account

The most fundamental account is the standard one, and its main characteristics are:

  • Personal assistant for accounts
  • Typical leverage

Bronze Account

The features of a bronze account are as follows:

  • Introductory course
  • Bonus
  • One trade insured
  • Bronze leverage
  • An assistant for personal finances

Silver Account

This account has the following features:

  • The leverage ratio for silver
  • Business Financing
  • Bonus
  • A fundamental course
  • Four trades are covered
  • An assistant for personal finances

Gold Account

Customers who open a Gold account receive the following benefits:

  • The leverage ratio for gold
  • Business Financing
  • An interesting and challenging course
  • A specific investment strategy that incorporates a budget
  • Eight trades are covered
  • Senior financial support specialist 

Platinum Account

The platinum account for The Definite Area has the following features:

  • Bonus
  • In-depth business finance
  • Investment policy and financial projections
  • Events and trend update calendar for the market
  • Trading alerts
  • 16 trades are insured
  • Access to mutual fund offerings
  • An aid with finances
  • Premium deals
  • Business Financing

PRO Account

The following features are available to traders with PRO accounts:

  • Superior bonus
  • High-end corporate finance
  • Trading signals every day
  • Expert leverage
  • Notifications of individual orders
  • A superior financial and investment plan
  • Alerts about market developments and trends

VIP Account

Customers who are considering this account should get in touch with the Definite Area financial specialists for assistance.

Safety of Funds

The Definite Area system guarantees the security of clients' data and transactions.

  • The adoption of encryption technology ensures the protection of client data:
  • Employs cutting-edge Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to safeguard personal data. Client's payment information and other personal data are kept private thanks to this technology.
  • Asymmetric cryptography and symmetric encryption are used to secure data and privacy. Encryption technology is used to protect communication between the trading platform and the personal management system.
  • The biggest banks in Europe and international payment systems like Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro also contribute to the security of online transactions.
  • The Definite Area continuously evaluates and certifies the privacy and personal data protection policy, advances technology, and raises the bar for user privacy protection. It is possible to maintain the highest level of security for user data with regular accreditation.
  • As a result, all personal information as well as data on transactions that users submit to us is securely safeguarded and kept confidential.

Customer Support

The technical and customer support team will offer straightforward and practical platform engagement. Customers can get in touch with the help desk at any time. A personal manager is always allocated to clients, and they may contact them by phone, live chat, or email to get prompt responses.


Definite Area is a platform where customers will be offered authenticity, reliability, and trusted guidance to exceed in the modern world of online trading. With the flexibility of trading in various financial instruments, Definite Area provides expert advice to grow and succeed in the international financial market.

This is a platform that can help you in strategically investing in profitable trades, provide expert help in manifesting material goals, and even secure your future with retirement plans.

In a world where almost everyone is stepping into the profit game of the online trade market, it is advisable to trust a reliable source like the Definite Area to get onboard to secure a fruitful outcome. For detailed information visit


Can I request a withdrawal of funds at any time?

Yes, a client can send a request for funds at any time.

How long will it take to transfer my withdrawal funds?

The terms of processing and conducting the transaction of withdrawal of funds can take up to 1-7 banking days.

What are the payment methods?

A client can deposit funds via credit/debit/prepaid card (Visa /Mastercard/ Maestro), bank transfer, or cryptocurrency transfer.