Which country has the largest pet care market?
Statistics show that Americans just love their pets. According to the American Pet Association, about two out of three families are owners of pets. According to the GfK company, which monitors the market, people most often get dogs. They outnumber their cat brothers four to five times.
Pet Markets
Americans' devotion to dogs is best expressed at events such as the Westminster Dog Show. The venue was New York City, February 8-11. More than 2,600 dogs and their trainers took part in the competition for the best title. Being a part of such an event is not a cheap pleasure, but the price is not an important factor for what happens here. However, one estimate is that a top dog show can cost you over $250,000 per year.

But the growth of the zoo industry is not only in the competitive field. According to data published by research company Euromonitor International, over the past ten years, the pet care market has grown by 66%. To illustrate this stunning growth, it is worth mentioning that the world economy has only grown by 43% over the same period of time. In 2019, Americans spent over $52 billion on their animals, compared to $34 billion in 2009. Most of this money goes to food, but more than $18 billion has been spent on pet care products and accessories. No country has come any closer to spilling the same amount of money on such products per person than America. Last year, the UK spent on the average $93 per person, while France - $87.