The imminent threat of a pandemic brings with it an enormous amount of work for Governments
In health care, integrity is worth far more than hope. Last week showed that the new viral disease Kovid-19, which struck China in early December, will spread around the world. Many governments say they will stop the disease. So they should prepare people for the onslaught.

Governments will have to act if they don't have all the facts, as much about the virus is unknown. It is widely believed that 25-70% of the population in any infected country can catch the disease. According to the Chinese experience, of the reported cases, about 80% will be mild, 15% will need treatment in hospitals and 5% will need intensive care. According to experts, the death rate from the virus may be five to ten times higher than from seasonal influenza, which kills 60,000 Americans in a bad year with a 0.1% mortality rate. Mortality around the world could be in the millions.