Russia takes another step to isolating its Internet segment

Today is the day when Russian new law about the isolation of Russian segment of the internet kick into power.

That is right. Earlier this year Russia passed the law saying that Russian segment of the internet was to be isolated from the rest of the world. This means that at any given time Russia might pull the plug and turn off the access to the world web for its citizens.

The law says that all of the internet providers are to invest into the special equipment that is going to block access to the world web for those living in Russia in case of emergency. Of course knowing that political regime in Russia only become tighter, this might be perceived by the world community as another act of suppression.

The equipment in question is also going to block internet resources banned in the country and perceived as posing a threat to Russian national security.

To implement this law Russian government is going to invest almost $500 million.  

Those worries about the Russian people say that this is just another step taken by the Russian government to control and censor information, available to the people of Russia through the internet.