NASA published new Mars photos. And they are magnificent.
While we are trying to figure our rules to trading here on Earth there are people who literally aiming for another world. And those people usually end up in NASA.

And while we are most used to dwell in our trading successes as well in trading successes of other the time has come to acknowledge the work of those who are looking way beyond and further that we could ever imagine.

NASA have been very invested in Mars mission with several space rovers running around the red planet and looking for proof that the planet was actually inhabited once in its long history. And every photo of the red planet is just fascinating.

Imagine. Just 100 years ago people couldn’t imagine that they are going to see clouds floating above Mars. And for us it is such a mundane thing that sometimes we do not even pay attention to it.

So, latest photos of Mars depict clouds 31 kilometers above the planet. There are also other photos of the planet that might catch your attention.

Right now Curiosity rover is studying the samples of clay that were found on Mars. These samples can be a proof of water existing on the planet in either of its states.