'Mona Lisa' sold for much more than was anticipated

'Mona Lisa' sold for much more than was anticipated

A copy of Leonardo da Vinci's famous "Mona Lisa" was sold in France yesterday for an amount exceeding 552 thousand euros, said Sotheby's auction house.


The triumph for Mona Lisa: a copy of the Mona Lisa from the collection of Wim Delvoy reached a price of 552.5 thousand euros.

Statement also said that initially it was believed that the replica would sell for only 70-90 thousand euros.

Sotheby's are also giving additional description to the painting: the artist depicted columns behind the woman, a trait which is not in the original. Also, the replica is slightly larger than the original picture, presented in London.

"This canvas ... of the highest quality, and without a doubt, was completed during the XVII century," - said the auctioneers.

Copies of Mona Lisa, which were painted by da Vinci’s understudy are selling with great success around the world too. Not so long ago one such copy sold in New York for more than $1.6 million.