Main traditions and prohibitions of Lunar New Year

In case any of us were lucky enough to go to China while the holiday of Lunar New Year is unraveling (this year it is better to steer clear of China even during celebrations) it is better to invest our time now and see what traditions are prevailing there this time a year.

As we all know the Chinese are the people who stock to their traditions for generations. And it is bad to go to the country while the most important holiday is ongoing and not know what traditions are prevailing there.

So, here are the main traditions and dos and don’ts of the Lunar New Year.  

1. Do not say negative words

Words wots negative connotation and meaning are forbidden this time a year. Does this include swear words? Probably. But you should steer clear of those anyway. But I am talking more about words like death, empty, sick, ghost, kill and others like that. All the funny ones… I’m joking!

Why? Well, apparently just saying them can attract them. Yaykes!

2. No breaking of ceramics and glass


In case you break something you are to wrap the broken thing into red paper and murmur special phrase. After that you are to wait until the festivities are over and send the shards into the lake or a river. But try not to break anything in the first place as it is believed that you are breaking your connection with fortune like that.

3. Do not clean


There is a special day dedicated to cleaning. Other than that you are not to even sweep. Good for lazy people who prefer to skip cleaning altogether. I should probably mention that in New Year’s day you also must not take showers. Now that is nasty, but we should respect the tradition.

4. Do not use sharp objects

There is actually a valid reasoning behind this – to give women a rest.

Although there is also a believe that you are cutting your success and wealth while cutting other objects. And we don’t want that, do we? It is better to wait until the end of the holiday altogether. And until that… try ant eat already sliced foods.

5. Do not visit the wife’s family

No visits for the in-laws. Although a lot of families live together with the parents, traditionally it is husband’s family. Going home to her parents indicates that there are troubles in her own marriage. And no one wants that assumption.

Wife’s family is usually visited the day after the festivities. With the grandchildren.

6. Avoid fighting and crying


No one wants crying to follow then all year long. And for that it is better to avoid crying and fighting altogether. Plus, I hope that there are not so much occasions in your life that allow you to cry in the first place.

7. Avoid taking medicine


No visits to the doctors, no surgery, no shots.

Also Chinese do not exchange gifts on New Year’s and do not congratulate someone who is still in bed.  Remember that.