Forbes richest people list is out. Guess who is number one!
The annual rating for the richest people on Earth was just published by Forbes. As we all know Forbes is publishing a list like that every year, and this year's results are far from surprising.

For the second year in a row Jeff Bezos who is the founder and CEO of Amazon is in the first position in the list. Bill Gates who held the first spot for years is in the second place and the third place is occupied by Warren Buffet – a trader billionaire.

Well, it seems that this year might be the last one for Bezos on the top of the list as right now Jeff is going through the procedure of divorce with his wife of 25 years. The couple broke up after the cheating scandal broke out. Jeff is about to lose half of his net-worth as the couple wed long before the billionaire status of Jeff and had no marriage contract.

Right now Bezos has $139.3 billion to his name. last year this number was only $112 billion. Pathetic, right? Anyone has that kind of money! Haha!

Here is the top eight of the list this year.