Trump kicks off his 2020 presidential campaign

Trump kicks off his 2020 presidential campaign
Current US President Donald Trump officially kicked off his presidential campaign for 2020 elections in the USA.

Well… what can we say about it? The world Is not too pleased with Donald Trump right now. Of course he was trying to play a weird friendship game with world dictators like Putin and Kin Jong Un but he also started a trade war and spoiled a lot of international relationship between the USA and its closest neighbors.

But campaign is now officially started. And even despite falling polling numbers Trump announced his run amidst thousands and thousands of his supporters who came to the rally in Orlando, Florida.
The decision to start the campaign there is not a coincidence. Florida was the state where Trump gathered the most votes back in 2016. Plus, it seems that Trump just plain likes Florida. He has spent 100 days in Florida since he started to occupy Oval Office – that is more than in any other state.

Will Trump win this time? Well, although a lot of Americans are not supporting their president we are going to have to wait and see whether American came to its senses or does it need a whole other Trump’s term in order to understand that he is not fit to be in the office.

He has even gone as far saying that in case he is not reelected for the second term, USA are going to experience a stock market crash. Is that threat or does he think that he is THAT important to the USA? That remains to be seen. But truth is that the whole world is hoping – Trump is going to leave office in a little more than a year.