The US House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

The US House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

The vote took place December 19.

230 congressmen voted in favor of impeachment under the "abuse of power" request that the Ukrainian authorities investigate the activities of Joe Biden's family. Joe Biden is the most likely candidate to be Trump’s rival on the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. 197 members of the House voted against the decision. Almost all of the were Republicans. Three people (one Democrat and two Republicans) did not vote at all.

NONE of the Republicans supported Trump's impeachment over the "over-empowerment," two Democratic Party members voted against the president's removal from office, one decided to abstain.

Trump was also found guilty of obstructing Congress for refusing to cooperate with the investigation and forbidding the cooperation to the members of his office (229 votes to 198). Three Democrats voted against impeachment this time.
Following the impeachment of the US House of Representatives, Donald Trump will continue to occupy his seat. The decision by the House of Representatives now has to be approved by the Senate, where the Republicans have their majority.

Senate hearings are expected to begin in January. Two-thirds of senators' votes (at least 67) are required for the decision to pass. If the required number of votes is not cast in the Senate, Donald Trump will retain his post. And if the Senate backs Trump's impeachment, current Vice President Mike Pence will become the President instead of Trump.