Johnson lied - there is no deal negotiated just yet.

It seems that UK are trying to persuade the world that they are reaching some kind of an agreement with the {EU on Brexit, when in reality it is not really so. How do we know this? Well, by the statement of EU itself.

It seems that the statement of British politics that some major break-through was reached in Brexit negotiations is not completely real or real at all in fact. This is said by the official representative of the EU and reported by Guardian newspaper.

Sources claim that for the negotiations to be called a break-through a lot of work and a lot of talks need to happen first. And there is no guarantee that the two sides are going to find the common ground here too, so it seems that the Brits got our hopes up for nothing.
Of course it is natural for Johnson to exaggerate the situation. Knowing how much he wants for Brexit to happen on October 31. But if the deal is not reached, the consequence of this decision are going to be enormous and the UK are going to have to deal with them for decades to come.

Right now it is unclear what stage the talks are on and whether Johnson is leading them at all.