Boris Johnson is very firm about the future of Brexit after his win in elections

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he has succeeded in "turning a blind eye" on British politics, achieving the best results for the Conservative party in general elections in 30 years.

He stated this during his speech, which he gave to his supporters in Westminster
"With this election, I think we put an end to all the pitiful threats of holding a second referendum," Johnson said

He noted that "politicians have spent the last three and a half years in contradiction," but "this election means that going through Brexit is now an indisputable, irresistible decision by the British people. [] I will put an end to all this nonsense and we will hold Brexit in time by January 31. No ifs, no-s, buts, not possible," he said.

Parliamentary elections in Britain ended with the victory of the Conservative Party with the best result since Margaret Thatcher. The majority in parliament must allow Johnson to finally approve the text of the EU exit agreement. This will allow Britain to exit the EU by 31 January 2020.