New investment idea gives second life to a fire truck

New investment idea gives second life to a fire truck
Interesting way to recycle an old auto and to start a new business was made up by a citizen of USA recently. A certain Michigan man decided to turn an old fire truck into a moving bar where one can stop and have a beer or another alcoholic beverage offered by the proprietor.

It all started several years ago when a 38-year-old Kevin Mallan saw an old fire truck with an installed wood-fire oven for pizza making. That was when he realized – that is a perfect idea for investment and a new business.


This year in March Kevin bought an old E-One fire truck dating back to 1987. He installed the device for cooling down beverages and gave the new place a name – Ladder 419. The truck itself didn’t change the exterior at all. It is still of a bright red color and has 911 number written on the side. The real difference is seen on the inside. There one can find 10 taps which can be used for serving beer, soda or any other beverage.

One van rent the truck for $450 and own an unusual hang-out spot for 4 whole hours.

The truck made it official debut last week during Bring Back 80-s & 90-s event.

Not a bad and very fresh investment idea, don’t you think?