Jeff Bezos lost his title

Jeff Bezos lost his title.

Through the night tonight Jeff Bezos lost his title of the richest man on the planet. First place of the Forbes list is once again occupied by Microsoft founder and CEO – Bill Gates.

This can be explained by amazon having revealed the earnings report for the third quarter of 2019. Operational profit of Amazon fell to $3.2 billion for $3.7 billion at the same period of time last year. At the same time real profit fell from $2.9 in 2018 to $2.1 this last quarter. 

Amazon are saying that they incest a lot onto their logistics and infrastructure so that Amazon Prime users can get their orders in just 1 days’-time.

After the report was released, value of Amazon stocks fell by 7 percent. As a result, Bezos net worth fell from $111 billion to !103.9 billion. Plus, Bezos just recently got a divorce from his wife Makenzie, who got ¼ of amazon shares in the process and is not worth about $32.7 billion.

In his turn, it is reported that Bill Gates is worth $105.7 billion – a number which conveniently put his on the first spot of Forbes list again.
Bezos headed the list in 2018. Back then his net worth was esteemed to be worth $160 billion. He was the first man to be worth more than $100 billion.