Apple will try and erase losses with new projects. Wiil they succeed?
Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has given an extremely interesting interview to the American channel CNBC. It seems that the CEO of Apple is not ready to live with the notion of Apple losing as much of the market cap as we see right now.

In the Interview Cook hinted that the company is going to invest in the whole string of the new projects in the nearest future. Although it is still unspecified, what project Mr. Cook was talking about we hope that at least one of them is massive enough to pull Apple out of the losing streak.

We can guess, though. It is possible that soon all of the Apple devices are going to get the possibility to connect to Apple TV, which is quite unnecessary, given that all of our needs are already covered with other streaming services.

Apple can also give its users access to different online libraries akin to Apple Music.
Apple are desperately trying to reverse the fall that we see at the moment in the shares of the company. But is it possible at the moment? Well, it all depends on Cook’s pricing policies after all.

Right now the main reason for the losses is bad pricing policy of the company. After all people’s wallets won the fight of the pricing war.