Apple's new presentation left us in awe - big plans for big business.

Apple are ready to become another system that has gone through to every aspect of our lives. At least yesterday’s presentation showed that Apple are ready to become another Disney or Google – that is to have services for everything.

Tim Cook announced so much that we are going to have to step back in order to fully embrace what Apple are going to do.


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Apple are also going to launch Apple News+ service. This app is going to put together 300 biggest magazines starting with Vogue and going all the way up to the Wall Street Journal. Of course full privacy of all the data is guaranteed and subscription for the service is going to cost $9.99. In the beginning service is only going to be available in USA, Canada, France and Great Britain. The rest of Europe and Australia is going to be included in the list a bit later.

Apple Card.

Apple credit card was not expected, but now that I think about it, it totally makes sense. The card is going to work everywhere where Apple pay is available. Obtaining it is going to be easy – a little registry and mobile version of the card is already in your phone.

Why use Apple Card? Well, it is said that every time it is used 2 percent cashback is guaranteed to the user. Plus, international payments are not going to charge any commission.

Apple Arcade.

Paying gaming service is also going to be launched by the conglomerate. Apple Arcade is going to open access to more than 100 exclusive games – they are only going to be available in Apple Arcade. The games are going to be offline and any Apple device is going to be able to open them.

It is unknown how much the subscription is going to cost and we are going to have to wait for the official autumn launch of the app.

Apple TV Channels.

Were you proud that you were not watching any TV? Well, kiss those days goodbye as Apple claim that the new app is going to filter and sort through you preferences and is going to advice you what to watch. It is going to get all the watching material in other streaming services.

The service is going to be available within the App TV service.

Although these plans sound ambitious it doesn’t seem that the public is ready to jump aboard just yet. Investors didn’t exactly rush to putting their money back into Apple. Most of us are waiting and being cautious… which is exactly what we should do in situation like that.