Asian markets are in pretty good shape today

Asian markets are in pretty good shape today

Are you a trader?

Well, if you are, just like me, I can say that our fate this week is not the one that people are going to envy about. It is the one that people are going to ask – how did you get through this?

And we can only tell them – a lot of patience.

But it seems that patience pays off. After more than a year of trade war and constant trade talks we can finally say that our patience paid off as the officials start talking about trade negotiations between China and USA. And the effect of this statement is already felt across the markets.

It is particularly obvious in the Asian segment of the market.
The talks were announced two days ago and I am sure you have noticed it too, investing into Asia Pacific region became much easier and much more pleasurable.

According to today’s numbers, trade talks, if successful, are going to have a pretty good effect on global trading.

Of course this is true for American stock market as well. Additions there are also just wonderful. We finally feel that we can trade without having to worry about the possible and sudden fall. Although it is always a possibility in any of the markets.

From now on we need to be very careful and wait for the trade talks which are set to happen somewhere in the beginning of the next month. Watch out!