Top 7 ways to roll a perfect joint

Top 7 ways to roll a perfect joint
Rolling a perfect joint can be a tough task. Especially for those who have never smoked one and now have to due to doctor’s prescription. Those who smoke recreationally know how to roll one, but even for them a perfect roll might be unattainable.

Here is the standard procedure of rolling:

№1. You mix.


You make a mix needed for your goal. Making a good mix is probably one of the most important things for having an enjoyable smoking process. Make sure that you have an even consistency, all the woody and tough parts are removed and that marijuana is totally dry.    

№2. You make a perfect shape. Or at least try to.


Use long or appropriate length paper and try and distribute the smoking material evenly across the paper.

№3. You determine whether you need a filter.


Making a filter is a possibility for joint smoking, but it is not really needed. In 90 percent of cases filter are not inserted, so we may as well skip this point.

№4. You roll.


This is the trickiest part. Here you have to let your thumbs do all the work. Support and pressure the joint with index fingers. If you are doing everything correctly, then you should feel the mixture getting tighter and tighter inside.

№5. You seal.

When you feel like you have wrapped everything nicely, wet the glue on the paper and seal the joint.
But of course these are the standard way to make a good roll. Good, not perfect. So it is natural to look for ways to improve your rolling game. So, here are the top ways that you can do that:
  1. Use Jroll.
With Jroll you are not going to need ANY other ways. Your joint and your mixtures are going to be perfect and sublime every time. No need to worry about the perfect distribution, perfect mix and anything else, really. A push pf a button does everything for you!
  1. Use better paper.
The market is filled with paper for rolling. Do not buy standard Zig-Zags. Use something better and firmer for better results.
  1. Determine the perfect size.
Rolling is a skill. And the more you practice, the clearer it is going to become – your perfect size. Do not start off too big. It is better to start small and go larger and larger until you have found your perfect size.
  1. Grind better.
It is possible that your grind is too big. Use finer tools for a more ever grind.
  1. Do not hurry.
It is possible that your result comes out all sloppy because you are not taking your time with the process. Divide everything evenly. That way your roll is not going to be too thin in one place and too bulky in the other. The same goes for the rolling process.
Again – take your time with every step. There is no need to hurry.
  1. Create tension by pulling a tip.
Here is a little tip – in order for the paper to not get in the way of rolling and nor crumpling in the process you can slightly pull the tip to even out and smooth out the joint. Rolling with this tip is so much easier!
  1. Turn to the first point.
Yes, I am once again turning your attention to Jroll. After all, do you see how all the perfect rolling tips are coming back to this one? None of this is going to be needed by a person using a Jroll machine! If you want a perfect roll every time with no hassle at all – Jroll is the way to go for you, that is for sure.