Why is trading with 10tradeFX the best solution?


When it comes to business and trading on financial markets, investors always have several priorities. First of all, it is reliability and transparency of processes, which a broker offers, because it is these qualities that start a successful business, and investments and assets trading bring expected profits. That's why you should choose your broker with maximum responsibility and choose thoroughly just that variant that will

allow you to reach your goals with confidence and safety. 10tradeFX is that kind of broker. From here you will learn why whether you are looking to start trading forex, cryptocurrencies, or investing in commodities and stocks, 10tradeFX is the most trustworthy broker, for the fulfillment and realization of your plans in the world of finance.


Safety is the most important factor for any serious project, to keep company assets and assets of its members safe. That's why 10tradeFX Broker has implemented a multi-level security system, which includes all the necessary measures for effective management. 

1.1. The security of the platform is ensured by SSL technology, which safely encrypts all important data and protects it from all types of attacks.

1.2. Also 10TradeFX - cares about the safety of its clients' trading, this is why we work with officially secured technology based on a trading license under the trading name Evalanch Ltd which is licensed and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority with license number SD082.

For more information on other security technologies, please visit our website or ask our support team via Live Chat, where they are always available for detailed feedback.


2.1. For trading any assets it's important to have convenient payment tools. Therefore, the 10TradeFX platform is implemented as a multi-payment system. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, as well as Skrill and Neteller. 

2.2. Questions concerning trading on financial markets often arise from both beginners and experienced investors. For this purpose, 10TradeFX has implemented a live chat feature, where you can always contact our customer support team. Ask all your questions and you can always get detailed advice on your individual case. Our team has been working for more than 10 years and has extensive experience in supporting clients in different areas of financial markets: Forex trading, crypto trading, investments in stocks, and commodities. All these and other technical and organizational questions are always easily answered by our professional managers, so you can always count on the experience of our team to reach your goals.

One of the most frequent questions that our managers deal with is about the possibility of cooperation with US residents. So to avoid any misunderstandings, for some groups of investors, it is also important to note that before you start working, you should pay attention to a few important nuances in the service availability. The main one is the fact that unfortunately, 10TradeFX does not serve US clients, because Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulation inhibits US clients from trading with non-US brokers.

2.3. Leverage in accordance to 1:500, with which you can always increase the potential of your investments many times over.

2.4. Another solution for convenience is working with the reliable and familiar to many investors software solution MetaTrader 5. 

You can find out about all this and many other features for the convenience of your business with 10TradeFX on our platform, as well as by contacting our customer support chat, where we will always be ready to provide full information on all aspects of your business interests.

A well-rounded investment portfolio.

The 10TradeFX team has been building the platform for investors based on our own investment experience. We understand how important it is not to miss out on new opportunities in the fast-developing world, but at the same time not to expose your investments to big risks. That's why our team has developed a model where investors of all experience levels could have stable capital growth with minimal risk using our ongoing support. 

To this end, we have designed a broad-based investment portfolio. It is a comprehensive set of investments that allows us to diversify risk. Simply put, instead of investing 100 percent of your funds in one type of asset - you can distribute them into investments in 5 different assets, thereby creating a more flexible model for your business.

With the help of our team, you can always start trading cryptocurrency even if you have never had experience with this instrument before. Or even if you have experience but want to use the whole team's experience in forex trading, then 10TradeFX is also at your service. Investing in stocks or investing in commodities such as precious metals (gold/silver), or oil could help your investments be less risky and more profitable. 

These are just some of the reasons why 10TradeFX is a great broker to have your business and investments bring you the returns you expect. Chat with us on our website for more information. Kindly regard, your 10TradeFX broker.