Tesla lost to Porsche. What is next?

Despite the fact that Tesla is still pretty popular and making headlines all over the world, it seems that soon this electro car is going to get some serious competition. Something that has never happened before.

Of course there were new electric cars in the markets before this, but Tesla was always number one when it came to technologies in the segment. But now, after the presentation of Porsche Taycan, Tesla really do have something to worry about as there is a part of Porsche that wins in front of Tesla.

Tesla was not able to race the new Porsche model. Moreover, the car broke down right in front of its counterpart, proving that right now the competition is just not going to happen.

Newest Teals just broke down on the track and in front of all of the photographers and managed to capture the humiliating moment on video.

It is visible that Tesla is being loaded up on the tow-truck because of the break-down that rendered the car unable to move any further.

Teale confirmed the news and said that these races in Nürburgring are going to be delayed for them for about a month. And now they have to invest into NEVER AGAIN having a humiliating moment like this one.