Tesla are getting ready to blow our minds

Tesla are getting ready to blow our minds
Even though nowadays Tesla are on the losing end of trading and no one seems to want to invest more into Elon Musk’s business due to high risks, the company is not going to slow down in the research and issuing new models of electro cars.

This year already Teals are expected to produce new electro car. What is so special about it? Well it is supposed to be a pickup, that is what so special about it. Moreover, the producer claims that the pickup is going to be available for our chasing next year already.   

According to the leaked information new car is going to be a state-of-the-art piece of technology and is going to be a legit competition for all of the pickups already in the market.

The car is going to be equipped with two engines and smart suspension system which is going to be able to adapt to the current level of pressure and weight.

Reportedly Musk said that he doesn’t think that the new truck should cost a lot of money and be unattainable for potential buyers. Although currently it is unknown how much of an investment amount we are talking about but according to the preliminary numbers the cars is going to cost somewhere around $50 thousand.

For those who want more modified version of a car is going to be issued a bit later. Of course the more features the car is going to hold, the more expensive it is going to be.

No images of the pickup were leaked but Musk says it is going to look fantastic.