New participants of the electro car market

Tesla are not the only ones who are interested in investing and producing electro cars. After all the technology seems too profitable to pass it over and that is why it is predicted that in the nearest future we are going to see more and more car manufacturers convert into the electro cars production.

Mazda are going to invest into a new endeavor after being inspired by Toyota hybrid cars. And even though up to this point Mazda didn’t even have hybrids it seems that in the nearest future the scales are going to tip.

 According to the CEO of the company Akira Marumoto the first electro Mazda is going to see the world in 2020. And what is really interesting is that this development is going to be totally unique. No Toyota input is going to influence a totally independent development process and result. Although the two giants partnering up on the further developments is not at all excluded.

Even though Mazda famously developed new and new models of internal combustion engines the producer has admitted that further progress is impossible without electro cars. And it seems that it is not necessarily a fashion decision.

The problem is that a lot of countries around the world are making their air pollution policies harsher and harsher. And it seems that soon there is going to be too much regulations for manufacturers not to switch to electro cars.

Right now there is no talk about the future price for the car.