New BMW car is going to look very dark... so to say.
BMW are doing everything they can in order to attract the attention of customers to the company. This time the conglomerate investing into the blackest car ever. And no, that is not a euphemism. Actual car painted the blackest color on Earth – that is the color for the newest addition to the BMW family.

Newewest Х6 Vantablack is spay-painted with the color that swallows 99 percent of the light. Thanks to this the human eye sees the color painted with the paint as a hole or a hollow space.

Vantablck was invented several years ago by British scientists.
The car painted with the color is not going to have any reflection. Cool, right?

Although it is now speculated that these cars are not going to be the best vehicle in the road as it is not going to be seen by other drivers very well thus possibly endangering people on the road.

Right now the safety of the car is still up for the debate, but I have to admit – it sure does look cool.