Audi are investing into new online feature

Audi are investing into new online feature
Buying stuff online. It all seems so mundane and usual to us now. And it seems that all of the possible companies have long ago invested into their own websites where every person can purchase their production. But it seems that there are some companies who are still making their first steps into selling their production online.
For example?

Well, look at Audi. The auto-giant have offered the possibility to purchase their new Quantum Gray Edition automobile for the first time vie the world wide web. Right now the cars costs 62 305 euro.
Those buying the model online are going to have the possibility to choose their own decorum as well as the technical specifications of the cars. It is impossible to choose these parameters so those who are going to use the website of the producer are going to have some of the benefits.

A special sales agent is going to help the shoppers. Buyers are going to enjoy the possibility to look at the inner design of the cars in real time – experience of the dealership right in your computer.

Although it seems that this option is only available for those living in Germany. Here is hoping that in case of success people all over the world are going to enjoy ordering their Audi online.