Will recent recovery last? Keep informed here!

Will recent recovery last? Keep informed here!
Too much attention is payed to the performance of the markets today and with good reason. HAVE YOU SEEN THE RECOVERY?

That’s true – the markets are making enormous recoveries from the falls takes by the assets in November. Of course, it is too early to talk about the recovering winter, as the growth today can be simply tied to more than successful G-20 summit. And here is the main news of the summit.

Those, who haven’t followed the summit I am not going to go into the details of the entire event. I am simply going to say that it is entirely possible that we are not going to see another package of Chinese tariffs, imposed by the United states.
That’s right. We have been the victims of Trump’s unpredictable policies long enough. Now it is time for us to finally breath some fresh air and understand that we MIGHT be going into the new era of investment.

But, notice that the emphasis is on the MIGHT. Why is that? Well, Trump isn’t exactly known for stocking to his words. And we prone to be a little careful after all, but in case the agreement follows thorough, just imagine it – trade peace once again. Isn’t that what we have been waiting for all these months?
In short recap it Is good to see something like this happening so close to the holidays. After all people become generous around Christmas and investing is one of the most needed activities around this time. And so, we really could use something as quite as markets today during all of the holiday period, couldn’t we?


What do you think? Will the bulls stay with us for much longer?