Who can become the first trillionaire?

Although we live in a time where being a billionaire is not a wow factor for anyone, there is still a milestone that we are only to breach – trillionaire.

Yep. Never has there been a man or a woman with net worth that huge. And according to the recent economic research that might change in the nearest 20 years.

And what is the key to becoming a first trillionaire? Well, a lot of people agree that space is the key to that goal. Space industry is going to bring one of the businessmen their first trillion. And so far we have three candidates for the position – Jeff Bezos – the richest man alive; Richard Branson – owner of Virgin Group; Elon Musk – Elon doesn’t really need an introduction here, does he?

Richard Branson


Elon Musk


Jeff Bezos

It seems that these three have a possibility to collect their first trillion by 2040. And it is highly likely that the business of the first trillionaire is going to be connected with space industry. It may be space tourism or mining asteroids for mineral deposits. It can even be colonization of other planets.

Since space is no longer a science prerogative but rather a business endeavor it is only fait to start talking about the fact that this is a business where one can earn enormous amount of money.

So, who has the biggest chance here? Well, while Bezos is much much richer than his opponents, Musk has a lot of experience in space business. Although all three of the man have invested into space research over the years. The only question is – who made the best investment and is going to be able to enjoy that sweet percentage return?