What to invest in before New Years - 7 nifty tips for the future.

New Year is just around the corner.

It seems that with Halloween going behind us, it is time to pull out our Christmas lights and go buy a nice-smelling Christmas tree. But New Years is also a time when we need to look back and analyze, where are we and what we have done in this past time?

Here are a few things that you need to invest your time in before the New Year comes around.
  1. Getting rid of all of the loans.
Take your time and remember: did you take loans from your brother in order to buy a new car? Maybe your friend helped you with some stuff? Right! Time to give that money back. In some cultures, going into the new year with loans is actually considered bad luck. So, do not tempt your luck and just deal with your loans before the clock strikes midnight.
  1. Getting fit.
Keeping your health intact should hardly be the stuff for the New Year’s eve. But in case summer was too busy for you, you really need to get yourself to the gym. Several weeks on a treadmill and you are going to be able to fir into those old, but cool jeans.
  1. Getting rid of the old stuff.
Old t-shirt that is way too small for you? old documents from the previous job? Half-used box of crayons that your kids are never going to draw with again? Do not hesitate to get rid of these things. They clutter your space and your mind as a result. Just take your time and sort through everything. In case you see that certain things can be donated to your local church or charity organization – do it. Helping those in need is our obligation as a society after all.
  1. Forgiving.
Look, we all know that forgiving is one of the highest virtues. And that not everyone can master it. but it is something that needs to be done. Forgive everyone who might have wronged you this year and go into the next chapter of your life with a pure heart.
  1. Buying presents.
Regardless whether your family gives presents on New Year’s or Christmas morning you need to get every member of your family something nice beforehand. Do not leave your present shopping until the very last moment. In fact, buying a very mice Christmas present means listening to the people all year long. That is a very long-term investment that takes time in order to work at its best.
  1. Making a photoshoot with your family.
A nice family portrait goes a long way. you can take it with you in a long trip and out it on your working desk, so that the loved ones are always with you. Pick the best photographer and a nice spot and BOOM! Memories and a perfect photo created.
  1. Thinking about future.

That’s right. What is New Year’s all about? Looking forward to the brighter future I would say. And that is why it is the best time to think about yours. In case you do not want to get all deep and get scared over hoe overwhelmed you become when you think about your future you can simply make a to-do list for the whole year. Sort of like a plan. Try sticking to it and you will see your plans come to life.


These 7 tips will help you go into the New Year with clean head and a certain plan for the nearest time.


Did I miss anything? Do you have a special ritual before the clock strikes 12? Tell me in the comments!