What currencies are you to turn your attention to right now?

What currencies are you to turn your attention to right now?
Although the question ‘what to invest in’ is always relevant, it is possible that sometimes it is more relevant that the others. Like right now it is even more important and sharp that it was yesterday, all because the situation in the world literally changes overnight.

Those, trading today might have noticed that Asian markets and dollar are not feeling that well today. All because of the political tensions. Dollar has its own problems, as always, but in Asian-Pacific region the situation in much more severe.

There Indian-Pakistani conflict is getting worse as the two countries had a military outburst for the first time in years. What is the danger? Well, both of the countries are actually very aggressive towards one another and the conflict is worsened by the fact that both India and Pakistan and nuclear countries.

That’s right we have another conflict between countries with nuclear weapon. Not scary, right?

But that brings me to my question? In the situation where one of the biggest economic regions and the biggest most important currency are failing what do invest in? Well, here is where those safe havens are getting very nifty! Yen and Swiss franc are about to have a boost. And that is the thought that can get us warm right now.

Of course we are also waiting for the second meeting of US President and North Korean leader. That can get a boost to USD as well.