Should you load up on Tesla stocks?

Tesla hasn't been around all that much, but I can say that buying its stocks has become one of the most controversial things that you can possibly do. And we need to face the facts - Tesla might just be in the beginnnig of its path. 

With all of the popularity that electrocars are getting right now it is no wonder that Tesla would be a success, being one of the most popular electrocar manufacturer. But the personality of the CEO of the company - Elon Musk is also getting towards traders and investors as we start to question his behavior more and more. 

He was the reason for the last several big falls and something like that cannot be toleraed for a long time. But I can say that nevertheless TSLA still remains one of the most populat stocks to but and trade. 

But does it have sense? 

Will it pay off? 

Here is the video that will answer all of your questions.