How to trade directional bias - video lesson.

How to trade directional bias - video lesson.
Yesterday we talked about directional and non-directional bias. Trading those two can be a tricky business. And you would think that trading a directional one is going to be easier and simpler, right?

Well, no. it seems that trading a directional bias is not simple. Not at all. we need to know a lot of stuff. We still need to be prepared to the unexpected moves of the chart and we need to protect our money.

And all of that needs to be done simultaneously. Can you feel the pressure already?

Well, I decided that I am not going to bore you with reading today. In order to explain directional bias, I decided to turn to a pro and brought you an educational video!

Video are always more fun! Do you remember what happened in you school when you came into the classroom and found TV in there? Well. It is just like that here today.