Uber is going public!

Uber is going public!

Uber is going PUBLIC!

It is official yall! Uber is going to go public some time soon. The company that operates in 63 countries and 700 cities all around the world are going to offer 180 million shares to traders in the nearest weeks. This way Uber want to attract about $9 billion investment.

Uber is used by 91 million people. this means that each of them is using at least one of Uber’s service be it food delivery, taxi or vehicle rent.

Along with Uber Pinterest, Airbnb and Slack are going to go public this year.

Lyft, which is the main competition on Uber has successfully gone public in March. Although since then the shares have suffered a significant loss - $56 per share is a long way to go from the initial $72.
Although Uber is doing just fine with the investments - Motor Corp. (Toyota), DENSO Corporation (DENSO) and SoftBank Vision Fund (SVF) have invested over $1 billion in the company and PayPal management is going to incest about $500 million pretty soon – it is still a good possibility for Uber to get addition assets.

So! One more investment opportunity for us to make money off a new investment!