Tesla shares can breach $500 per share soon - invest now?

Tesla shares can breach $500 per share soon - invest now?

Tesla has been having a not-so-stable performance this year.

With Elon Musk’s weird policies and tweet-storms it is no wonder that a lot of the investors were going to drop shares I case policies of the automaker didn’t change.

But it seems that the board of the company made a right decisions taking Musk off the position of the CEO of the company several months ago.

Right now Tesla is one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the market as the shares of the company soared by 37 percent since Musk was terminated from the position for at least 3 years.
Right now the shares are pushed back by resistance level, but in the end it is always going to come down to investors and their opportunity to push stocks pass it.

The level I am talking about is $390 per shares and we are extremely close to it at the moment with company holding the price at $358 per share.

The breach further than $390 per shares would also mark the all-time0high price for shares of the company as of this time the highest point is $381.

It is possible that there will be nothing holding the shares after the breach and some say that the mark of $525-$550 per share can be breached. For now, it is all up to the producer themselves to keep shares at the same level or even help them grow.

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