Tesla are investing into energy giant

It seems that even despite all the controversy surrounding the company itself and the former CEO of it Elon Musk Tesla is not going to stop at developing and investing into the new endeavors.

There are talks that Tesla is going to ‘swallow’ batteries-ultracapacitors producer Maxwell. And it seems that the two possible partners have been talking about the possible merger since February. Right now all they can say is – the deal is going to close soon.

It is worth noting – talks about the partnership have been ongoing since December, 2018.

According to the main Tesla consultant Jonathan Chang all of the talks and other endeavors are already finished. All that is left is to really merge. According to the official sources Tesla are going to invest $235.6 million into Maxwell and for each share of the producer, the conglomerate is going to pay about 0.0193 of their own share.

All of this math led to Tesla shares falling down rapidly in the last several days, but in the end it seems that the management of Tesla think that the deal is going to be all worth it.

Not so long ago Maxwell patented their new development – their own dry electrode for batteries. It has all the potential not only to improve the performance of batteries but also to save their recharging potential up to 90 percent after 1500 recharging processes.

It is quite possible that this very development is what made Tesla want to invest into Maxwell in the