Would you like to work only 12 hours a week? It might become reality soon.

How great would it be – working less weekly hours for the same amount of money.

It would be simply splendid!!

And it seems to be a soon-to-come reality for us as thought that Jack Ma – a CEO of Alibaba group.

According to Ma people are not really designed to work for more than 12 hours a week. And that this is the exact amount of hours that we are supposed to do in the 7 days of the week. he also thinks that it is possible that we are going to reach this quantity over the span of the next 10 years.

It all is going to become possible due to the modern changes in education as well as technological and scientific progress that we are going though right now. With all of the cards lining up correctly most of the work is going to be given to the AI. This was the though expressed by the billionaire at the AI conference in Shanghai.
With that being said, if we do not change our views and strategies in education we are not going to see anything good come out of the progress.

Earlier Ma Has already stated the sooner or later machines are going to start doing all of men’s job.

But working for only 12 hours a week… that simply is a dream come true for so much of the people. Unless, of course you love your job. Then I do not know what we all are going to do with our time.