Will new flagman stabilize Samsung shares?

Will new flagman stabilize Samsung shares?

Did you know that Apple are not really a number one mobile phone producer?

This is the title for Samsung and in reality these two conglomerates are very different from one another and it seems that Samsung is going to be doing everything in order to prove it.

The attention of the tech lovers it tied towards the new flagman phones Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. And the world hasn’t see a good and affordable Samsung flagman for a long time. Right now we might be standing in the verge of the new growth for Samsung.

Those following the stocks of the major tech companies and looking for the best investment opportunities know that apple hasn’t been doing so well lately. Especially in the last few days – shares of the company are losing point and as a result, investors who are willing to deal with the losses.

And what about Samsung?

Let’s just say the ride hasn’t been smooth for Samsung as well. You can see here that the shares have been turbulent to say the least.

And we hope that the new flagman can become a real salvation for Samsung as we are seeing that for Apple the scenario hasn’t been all that kind.

Are you trading and investing into Samsung shares? Well, the ride might take a slump from here on and the only thing that can save it is the perfect sales for Samsung S10 and S10+.

By the way? did I say that it is going to be a bright yellow piece of technology?

Festive, huh?