Tim Cook announced new pricing policy after Apple profits fall

Today marked the day of Apple releasing financial report for the last year. And let me tell you – the numbers are far away from satisfactory.

According to the numbers, the company lost 5 percent of the revenue in 2018. The low revenue is connected to the failed sales on iPhone XS and XP models. With the new models being priced too high for the average buyer to afford and the overall numbers of available phones in the markets have overwhelmed the buyers who are now refusing to buy the new models.


With this Apple decided to lower the prices for the said models and concentrate on other projects. For example, it was announced that the company is going to launch its own film producing studio as well as launch other services.

Here’s hoping that Apple are finally going to understand that their overpricing policing is a huge mistake and are finally going to come to their senses.

Tim Cook has already announced that in the countries where the national currency has lost value their phones are going to cost less from now on.

Do you believe him?