South Korea to invest in new generation technologies

South Korea to invest in new generation technologies
You know the internet? It’s the thing that all our lives depend on.

Well, technology is not staying in one place and right now we have come to the place when it has been too long since the last internet intention that we can all use and that is why this piece of information from South Korea caught my eye.

LG and KAIST – the South Korean institute of technology are going to invest their money in order to work to transition from 5G to 6G internet connection. For this both of the company are going to create a special laboratory in Daejeon.

It is expected that the new development is going to have a large capacity and possibly are going to be able to service gadget underwater.

Although the development sounds amazing, it seems that the broad usage of the technology is going to be open for common usage no sooner that the end of the next decade.

Right now South Koreans are going to have to settle for the public transportation system giving out free 5G signal.