Samsung are investing in PC elimination

Samsung are investing in PC elimination

It has been a long time that mobile phones manufacturers have started to invest into making their mobile phones a full substitute to the full-sized computer.

Think about it – how do you check your email, upload content to your Facebook page, trade and read the news. There is a pretty high chance that all of these answers are going to be ‘with my phone’. But even though Samsung has been investing into taking things a little bit further – they want to eliminate our need for PC altogether. And their new flagman Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to become a real bomb in the world of wireless technologies as well as in reaching their goal.

How are they going to do this?

Well with their new development of course!
Usage of Samsung new gadget is going to allow Samsung Galaxy Note 10 users to connect their mobile phones the PC screens which is going to give us the possibility to simultaneously talk on the phone and use it other features to do our job or to check the web.
The new technology is supposed to be not bigger in size than your USD flesh drive and it is going to give your phone the possibility of wireless connection. The new gadget is going to cost about $90 which is not that big when you compare it to the initial cost of Galaxy note itself.

Of course all of the other models of Samsung phones that have been issued in the last couple of years also have a feature of connection to your computer, but none of them are wireless.