New project from Elon Musk and SpaceX!

New project from Elon Musk and SpaceX!
Whatever ups and down SpaceX is having right now, Elon Must is trying to look forward. How do I know? Well, I follow his twitter account and something tells me that Musk has BIG plans for the future of SpaceX.

It seems that Musk already is trying to push forward with his idea of a new moon-landing Starship – yes, that is the name of the spacecraft. Muck was also answering multiple questions of other Twitter users who were anxious to know more and find out everything there is to know from the man himself.
In reality Starship can really exist. That is the spacecraft that is going to bring the first space tourists to the Moon in 2023. Although then the ship is not going to land on the surface of the Moon. It is going to merely go around it and come back to Earth. Although it is possible that the new ship will be used for scientific purposes and Moon landings as well.

Although flying to the Moon like tourists seems crazy right now it can be a reality pretty soon.