Jroll - perfect roll every time.

Jroll - perfect roll every time.
Rolling. Activity not known to every person but so important to the whole process. Some of us may find it difficult to roll a perfect cone for a perfect experience. That is why the new invention that I am going to introduce you to is so important and may be of interest to a lot of you.

Jroll X10 – rolling device that is going to change your experience for better. After using Jroll you are never going to go back to the old ways.

Rolling can be difficult especially for those who are new to the process or those with limited abilities. These were the people who inspired the ongoing development and improvement of Jroll in the first place.

Jroll itself was developed to be durable and very stylish. It is packed with functions which are going to make rolling experience as easy as it can get in any circumstance and for every user. How is this achieved? Well, all you have to do is just press one button! One button is separating you from the perfectly shaped roll! Can you believe it? Well, you’re gonna!


As was already said – one ring to rule the all… wait.


That can’t be right.

One button to do it all. There. That sounds much better.

For a lot of us dealing with a lot of house appliances starting with coffee machine in the morning all the way up to cooking your evening meal in the pressure cooker is a usual deal. And for some us to know all of the appliance buttons’ combinations can quite hard. Especially for those with limited abilities.

But with Jroll you are not going to feel like you are to deal with a lot of buttons and a lot of unnecessary functions. THERE IS ONLY ONE BUTTON TO DO IT ALL!


In Jroll X10 you can weigh the necessary amount for your dosage, grind, mix and roll of course.

But let’s get to everything separately.


Built-in scale is going to tell you how much herbs you have in the machine for the moment. And the number is going to be precise, that is for sure.


Grind everything perfectly. Just open the lid, put your herbs of choice inside and press the button. In 15 short second you have a perfectly grinded mixture.


Yes, I said mixture, as you can simply make the mix you need. This is a unique feature for Jroll device that cannot be found with others.


Perfectly shaped and evenly filled roll every time and with every usage. That was the primary goal of the development.


Here is what the device looks like on the inside.


Everything is state-of-art and was developed with one thought only – the convenience of the user. It is easy to clean, can be placed in the washing machine, has a child lock and an indicator that tells you how much rolls you have left. It can also be operated with a special mobile app for a remote control feature and charge via USB.

For on-the-go experience use Jtubes that pop out of the device. Outdoor rolling has always been an inconvenience. And inconvenience that with Jroll goes out into the past.

The process of perfecting the device is in full swing and those who want to help the process can easily invest into the development in order to help its developers to get to their goal faster.
Those whose daily routine calls for rolling are for sure going to appreciate the device and enjoy it for years to come. Durable, modern, stylish and user friendly – what more would we want from a new device like that!

Jroll – that is how we roll!