How much is the city on Mars going to cost?
For how long and how much has the humanity been talking about colonizing Mars? For a long time, that is right. And ever since Elon Must came into scene it almost started to become reality – people on Mars – can you imagine that? That is the dream for Musk. From him we have heard multiple times that sooner or later we are going to build not just small villages – huge cities right on the surface of the red planet.

Of course no one is saying that we are going to do that in the next couple of years as we need to go through several stages of preparations for that. But it is already known just how much money it is going to cost us.


These numbers are based on the fact that the city is going to need about 1-million-ton cargo from Earth in order to somehow live for the first several years. And the cost for building the city is going to add up from the cost of each individual ton sent to Mars from Earth. If it is only 100 thousand per ton, then we are going to do it with the lower limit of the amount.

Of course it is the higher aim that is more interesting to us. For that amount of money one could buy a whole of Great Britain together with all the equities and assets of the country. One can also buy 10 of the most expensive companies on Earth and have $3.5 trillion left to spare.

This amount may also seem unrealistic because all of the printed money here on Earth are only adding up to about a half of that amount.

So I can say that it is quite an investment and quite a statement to make.