Android Pie - shameful chapter for Google.

Have you noticed that lately Google haven’t really given us any statistics on their new Android Pie OS? Well, I have.

Usually Google are very proud of their investments as they demonstrate results and statistics of usage openly. But this time the situation changed drastically. It seems as of Pie was never released. And you know what. It appears that it might as well never have been.

Here is the thing – Pie did so poorly on international arena that Google are even ashamed to talk about its statistics. Imagine – you invested into development and growth of your production around the world and your investment didn’t pay off. Would you tell about that to your friends? Of course no. And that is exactly what Google is doing.

It seems that the situation is so bad that Google didn’t even include PIE in the latest pie chart of OS usage. The percentage is so small that it wouldn’t look good next to the 2.3.3 or 4.0.3 OS which are 7 years old right now! And think about it – these two only occupy 0.2 and 0.3 percentage of the market.

And the recent performance of Pie tells us that we are not going to see anything about its performance any time soon.

And with good reason. Why would Google focus on a failed investment when they have a new Android Q coming their way!