Amazon to launch another service

Will Jeff Bezos ever stop?

The richest man alive has enough money in order to buy one of the oceans, it seems, but that doesn’t really stop him from developing the company that brought him so much money.

Amazon. Aside from being the world-wide online shop and the source of endless controversy it is also a film studio. And pretty soon it is going to be a music-distributing service.

Even though the market of such services is pretty full it seems that it is going to be even more tight in there. Amazon is getting ready to launch their own free music distribution service. And that is regardless of the fact that Amazon already has pre-paid music service Amazon Music Unlimited. This service already has about 20 million subscribers but it seems that when it will come to it a lot of them is going to switch to the free service even if that means that we are going to have to put up with advertisement.

Right now the only thing we know is that amazon is going to distribute music via their own sound system.

Amazon is going to announce the investment next week – such is the news from unnamed source.