Zidane is going to push his halfback out of the team

A halfback of Real Madrid is likely to see another club as his home team until the end of the season.

It seems that promising halfback of Madrid Marcos Llorente has interested Atletiko as one of many investments the team is planning to make. It seems that Llorente is supposed to be the substitute for Rodrigo Hernández whom several clubs are very interested in.

Llorente has played only 6 games in this year’s Spain Copa del Rey – Spanish football cup championship.

Earlier the press found out that the current coach of Real Madrid Zinédine Zidane is no longer interested in working with Llorente and is looking for another club that might be willing to invest in buying out the player.

Although I do not understand this disdain for Llorente who seems to be a very skilled young halfback. See for yourself.