Will Suso come back to Liverpool?

Good news for those who love football and are following their favorite football team – Liverpool.

According to the whistleblowers close to the source Liverpool are now getting ready to invest into one of the former players of the team in order to get him back.

It seems that Suso might be packing his bags pretty soon. The players now playing a right winger and occasionally central attacking midfielder for Italian club Milan but it seems that Liverpool are ready to but the player back.
The sum of the investment? Only $50 million. But with Suso’s stats it is no wonder and it is not likely that the team is going to regret the decision. After all, in this season alone this Spanish player played 19 games, scored 5 and assisted in 8 goals.

The possible salary of the player is still under wraps, but it seems that whatever can be offered to this 25-year-old will be enough for his talent.